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24th International Congress on Snow Sports Trauma and Safety

The International Society of Skiing Safety was founded with the primary purpose of providing a forum for discussion and
education concerning skiing safety. The Ski Trauma and Ski Safety Congresses have brought together a wide variety of individuals interested in all aspects of skiing safety. These meetings have served as a format for the presentation of a multitude of subjects concerning snow sports, including the means to reduce the risk of injury, improve various aspects of the sport, and treat injuries. Initially the prime subjects of interest revolved around snow skiing including alpine skiing and many variations of crosscountry skiing. In recent years the interest of the Society has widened considerably with the development of other sports such as snowboarding, freestyle skiing, alpine touring, and other hybrid activities.

Attendees of the symposia on skiing trauma and safety have included:

  • Medical doctors that work with snow sport injuries,
  • Representatives of the skiing industry (such as binding, boot, and ski manufacturers)
  • Engineers from industry, universities, and technical institutions
  • Skiing professionals such as ski instructors and patrolmen
  • Lawyers
  • Ski-area managers
  • Participants in recreational and professional skiing and riding activities.

Interchange of ideas, comments, and critiques are encouraged in formal discussion of the papers. Many of the individuals
who attend these meetings are involved in ASTM International and International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
standards processes. All interested individuals are encouraged to participate.

37th Congress of the International Society for Snowsports Medicine

It is the oldest European Scientific Society that is concerned with the study of winter sports pathologies, their treatment and prevention. The
history of SITEMSH started in the 50's, when a group of experts from Alpine Countries (Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland) began
to observe, collect and study the injuries occurring after winter sport accidents. They decided to meet every two years on behalf of a new
Society named SITEMSH (Société Internationale de Médecine des Sports d’Hiver).