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Laboratory of Biomechanics and Application

Laboratory of Biomechanics and Applications

Director of the research unit : Pr Stéphane BERDAH

Secretary : Audrey ISOARDI

Administrative management : Lucie LAUNAY


The Laboratory of Biomechanics and Applications is a joint research unit between IFSTTAR and Aix-Marseille University located in the premises of the Faculty of Medicine, in the northern Marseille Health centre. The originality of this laboratory lies in a transversal and multidisciplinary approach combining Engineering and Medical Sciences, focusing on human impact biomechanics. Hence research activities mainly concern human anatomy, clinical knowledge, experimental and theoretical investigations on the mechanical behaviour of biological tissues and structures with cadaver tests, up to the design of tools and human models for virtual testing. Since 2004, all research activities are organised in order to follow one single scientific objective: the Virtual Human.